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Why is Costa Rica Perfect For Arabs Medical Tourism?

ماهو السبب ان كوستاريكا هي مثالية للسياحة الطبية بالنسبة للمرضى العرب


  1. Costa Rica has been at top of the list in medical tourism for many years. For example, according to the WHO’s World Health Report 2000, Health systems: Improving performance, Costa Rica's healthcare system is ranked 36 out of 191 countries, third in Latin America and one place above the United States.  WHO’s World Health Report 2000
  2. Costa Rica specialists are trained and are board certified in the United States. So, the Arab patient will benefit from treatment by skilled surgeons without the difficulties of dealing with inflexible large organizations found in other countries.
  3. Majority of doctors and their staff in Costa Rica speak English and Spanish languages. Also, due to their wide experience in treating foreign patients, they are more sensitive to cultural differences.
  4. According to the latest data of the United Nations Statistics Division, Costa Rica has a low infant mortality rate and a high life expectancy, with both statistics being comparable to those of the United States. United Nations Report.
  5. According to CNN Report 2009, Costa Rica tops list of "happiest' nations". Clearly, the Arab patient is traveling a long distance and does not want to arrive into a country plagued with misery and unhappy people which can be quite unsafe for traveling Arab patients.

  6. Costa Rica has given priority to the conservation of its natural resources, protecting 26 percent of its national territory through the creation of National Parks and other natural areas. The country also offers world-class eco-tourism and adventure travel. Certainly for Arab patients and their families, those are ideal conditions for rest and relaxation.
  7. Costa Rica has many five star hotels which provide high end luxury, pleasant surroundings and advanced technology access for their guests. This include personal computers and Internet connections all year long.
  8. Costa Rican banking industry recognize the value of having state of the art technology, so, all major credit cards are widely accepted in Costa Rica. Also, ATM machines are distributed throughout the country.
  9. Costa Rica is at peace with its neighbors and does not have an army (abolished 60 years ago); this allows the Costa Ricans to assign more resources for health and education for their people people.
  10. Costa Rica does not have any political agendas against Arab people. So, Arab patients and their families are welcome without restrictions.



About Costa Rica:

Costa Rica is one of most highly valued tourist destinations in this planet. This small piece of land includes all of the necessary components to satisfy the taste of thousands of travelers visiting each year.

Costa Rica’s territorial division includes 7 provinces, which are: San José, Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia, Guanacaste, Puntarenas, and Limón. Together they offer an attractive tourist destination, of almost limitless possibilities, that include extensive rainforests, volcanoes, rivers traveling through the mountains, beaches and natural resources safeguarded by an important organization of national parks and forest reserves.

Costa Rica’s capital, San José, is in the Central Valley. It’s an extensive plain, guarded by majestic volcanoes and green hills, honoring the natural richness that exists throughout the national territory.

Founded in the first half of the eighteenth century, San José is nowadays a city where visitors of the entire world converge; metropolis full of interesting places, faces, and colors reflecting the history of a population.

Its architecture is diverse, as may be the people walking its streets. In the north sector of the city you can find the most refined samples of urban development of the early last century. There are many houses and buildings of European inspiration, built with a profound Costa Rican sense of style.

Among the most representative places of the city, we can mention the National Theater, Costa Rica’s pride, and historically, house to some of the best artists, national as well as foreign. Inaugurated in 1897, fruit of the determination of merchants, intellectuals and politicians, who were able to identify the importance an opera house could have, to present the best artistic productions in the world.

Guanacaste became part of Costa Rica in 1824; until then, it had remained an independent province. This territory certainly has a very important natural and cultural richness for Costa Rica’s economy. Some of the best beach hotels in the world are found on the beaches of Guanacaste.

Guanacaste is well known for its beaches and the sun, which is exactly what visitors find along its coastline, with an abundance of hotels, cabins, and restaurants. Some are luxury ones, others more modest, but they all guarantee that guests have the perfect option for each budget.

Panamá Beach, in the north area of the province, is one of the good options for tourism. A quiet place with white sand and easy waters, invite you to enjoy a care-free weekend.

Coco’s Beach features as one of the most popular spots, due to its night life and great number of visitors; and without having to travel much you can reach Flamingo Beach, an ideal place for those preferring a mix of good hotels and a quiet atmosphere.

There are also Ocotal and Hermosa beaches, among the favorite of Guanacaste’s coast. Grande Beach is located further south, and along with Las Baulas National Park, is a sanctuary for thousands of leatherback turtles (baula) arriving to spawn in its coasts each year.

Tamarindo offers a blend of white-sand beaches and mangroves, sea birds and iguanas, making it a paradisiacal and perfect spot for those wishing to live in harmony with nature.

Many other beaches along the coast of Guanacaste will complete a matchless natural offer. Carrillo Beach, Ostional Beach, Manzanillo, and Coyote, are some of those destinations giving the greatest province of Costa Rica its reputation.

In Guanacaste you may enjoy delicious food, so characteristic of its people and that with the passage of time, became authentic traditional Costa Rican dishes. Santa Rosa National Park is located to the north of the province. It is a jewel of the tropical dry forest, counting with a remarkable biological inventory.

Likewise, embedded in the Guanacaste Mountain Range, are the Tenorio, Orosi, Miravalles, and Rincón de La Vieja volcanoes, the latter surrounded by the national park of the same name.

Arabic Language Patient Education:

Arabic Language Web Sites For Medical Conditions:


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Neurosurgery Articles:

  1. Microdecompression Endoscopic (Arthroscopic) Spinal Discectomy
  2. Percutaneous Endoscopic (Arthroscopic) Cervical Discectomy
  3. Percutaneous Endoscopic (Arthroscopic) Thoracic Discectomy
  4. Percutaneous Endoscopic (Arthroscopic) Lumbar Discectomy



      International Patients' Inquiries:
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  2. Hip joint surgery & Cross-Eyed Surgeries: Saudi Arabia
  3. Neurology - Pediatric: Saudi Arabia
  4. Cancer: Saudi Arabia
  5. Trigeminal Neuralgia: Bahrain
  6. Dermatology: Bahrain
  7. Epilepsy: Kuwait
  8. Neurology - Pediatric: United Arab Emirates
  9. Arnold Chiari Malformation: United Arab Emirates
  10. Brain Surgery: Egypt
  11. Kidney transplant: Nigeria
  12. Spinal cord injury: Nigeria
  13. Neurosurgery/orthopedic surgery: Nigeria
  14. Rehabilitation: Spain
  15. Back Pain: Pakistan
  16. Loss of movement in fingers and legs: Yemen
  17. Infantile Spasm - United Arab Emirates
  18. Myasthenia Gravis Specialist
  19. Mother With Brain Tumor - UAE
  20. Needed Back Neurosurgery - Saudi Arabia

USA - Patients' Inquiries:

  1. Needed - Breast reconstruction
  2. Needed - Ankle/muscle injury: Orange County
  3. Needed - Gynecologist, Los Angeles
  4. Ob/Gyn: Orange County
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  6. Hemorrhoids Treatment
  7. Cauda Equina Syndrome Specialist
  8. Needed Cancer Specialist
  9. Needed - Cardiology Specialist
  10. Needed - Endometriosis Treatment: O.C. or LA
  11. Needed - Fertility Specialist
  12. Needed - Fibromyalgia Specialist
  13. Needed - GP/Internist in Orange County, CA
  14. Needed - Clinical Hynotherpist - Orange County, CA
  15. Needed - Neck Pain Specialist
  16. Parasite Specialist - Orange or San Diego Counties
  17. Needed - Rehabilitation Hospital
  18. Needed - Woman Doctor
  19. Needed - Hand specialist 
  20. Anterior Cervical Disc Fusion
  21. Needed - Endometriosis Treatment 


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